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In Search Of Light - M. Hasan Imam

In Search of Light - M. Hasan Imam

In Search of Light: (A Collection of Poems) [M. Hasan Imam] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Poetry sometimes is a thrill to emancipate the depth of excitement in one's life. At other times, it is the embodiment and reflections of practicality in human life

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In Search of Light : (A Collection of Poems) by M. Hasan Imam (2011, Trade Paperback)

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Imam Hasan (as) is Born When Fatima az-Zahra (sa) was twelve, she became pregnant with Imam Hasan (as). Thus, the light of Imamate was carried on from ‘Ali (as) unto Fatima az-Zahra (sa).


The beginning of Imam Hasan's (A) Imamat The Holy Imam (A) helped his father throughout his life until Imam Ali (A) died when the Holy Imam (A) was 37 years old. At this age he inherited his father and became the guardian of the Ahlul Bayt and the Shia. In his well-known will Imam Ali (A) appointed him as the next Imam.

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Imam al-Ḥasan ibn Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (الحسن ابن علي ابن أبي طالب‎‎, 624–670 CE), commonly known as Hasan or Hassan, is the eldest son of Muhammad's daughter Fatimah and of Ali, and the older brother to Husayn. Muslims respect him as a grandson of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Among Shia Muslims, Hasan is revered as the 2nd Imam.

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Hasan (a.s.). The Prophet used to kiss and hug Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Husayn (a.s.) so many times that this action came to be seen and reported by many companions of the Prophet. The love that the Prophet had towards Imam Hasan (a.s.) (and for Imam Husayn (a.s.)) was such that he wanted to do anything to please them. Once, it was Eid Day ...

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Eve of 'Ashura' On the Eve of 'Ashura', Imam al-Husayn (a) gathered his companions and delivered a lecture informing them that they all would be martyred the next day. Qasim b. al-Hasan asked his uncle, Imam al-Husayn (a), whether he would be martyred on 'Ashura'. Imam asked him, what he thought about death.

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Nov 3, 2016 - Hasan ibn `Ali ibn Abi Ṭalib is an important figure in Islam. He is the son of Ali and Fatimah. The latter is the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. After his father's death, he briefly succeeded him as the Caliph (head of state),Hasan is one of the five people of the Ahl al-Kisa, as well as a member of the AhlulBayt.

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Hasan ibn Ali al-Askari (Arabic: ٱلْحَسَن ٱبْن عَلِيّ ٱلْعَسْكَرِيّ ‎, c. 846 – 874) was the 11th Imam of Twelver Shia Islam, after his father Ali al-Hadi.He was also called Abu Muhammad and Ibn al-Ridha. Because Samarra, the city where he lived, was a garrison town, he is generally known as al-Askari (Askar is the word for military in Arabic).

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The Imam replied : Don't praise me for I know myself much better than you know me and don't consider me a liar for the views of a liar are worthless and never talk light of others before me . 87- Oh son of Adam, abstain from misdeeds to remain pious and be content with what God gives you to remain free of needs .

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Also Imam Hasan,(as)'s Daughter Sayyeda Fatima,(as) got married with Imam Zain ul Abideen,(as) and is mother of our Fifth Imam,(as). There were more Daughters and Sons as well, including whom is Hazrat Qasim,(as), Hazrat Abdullah,(as), Syeda Maimoona,(as, buried in Syria), and Hazrat Hasan Muthanna,(as) who married Syeda Fatima Sughra,(as) daughter of Imam Hussain,(as) and Imam Hasan,(as)'s ...

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Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 2. “They ask you about intoxicants and the games of chance. Say: In both of them there is a great sin (Ithm) and means of profit for men, and their sin is greater than their profit†.       (2:219)

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Imam Hasan’s wise decisions were giving way for a mass revival, which would culminate years later. It was not long, however, before the worry over Imam Hasan became unbearable to Mu’awiyah. Mu’awiyah was able to bribe Imam Hasan’s wife to poison him. At the age of 48, the noble Imam Hasan was buried in the Baqi’ cemetery of Madinah.

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Although the Muslim majority holds the Prophet's (s.a.w.a.) wives in great esteem, it is high time they came around to accept that the wives weren't exactly paragons of virtue. Being the mother of believers (Ummul Momineen) is a heavy responsibility. It does not give any wife the licence to engage in a battle with her 'sons', especially the sons of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.).

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On a spring evening last month in London, The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) launched their newest publication, entitled The First Aga Khan: Memoirs of the 46th Ismaili Imam. The book covers a significant period of Ismaili history and sheds light on the remarkable life and career of the 46th Ismaili Imam - Mawlana Hasan Ali Shah.

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مولٰي امام حَسَن عليه السلام باب پهريون آمد ۽ ننڍپڻ | Mola Imam Hasan(Aleh Salam) Biography, Part 1

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In Search Of Light - M. Hasan Imam

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In Search Of Light - M. Hasan Imam